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Bad Boys For Life Movie Review

Story: Together with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, the bad boy franchise returns after 17 years. The film tells about two police friends who have adapted to their age, they realize that with the help of the next generation, they can still do anything. …

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Review: Since the release of Bad Boys 2 in 2003, “Bad Boys for Life” has been in the works. After several attempts, the film was finally released with the same cast and a new team. Directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah, Chris Bremner, Peter Craig and Joe Ka As written by Joe Carnahan, this seems to be an eternal blessing to the movie.

It may become one of the many franchises such as “Fast And Furious”, but in the end it loses its way in the crowd. A movie that belongs to many movies, but all the little things in it are well done. Of course, I had hoped that Will Smith would make such a movie and then make another “Twin Man” or “After Earth”.

Miami detective Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), who witnessed the birth of his grandson, told his partner Mike Laurie (Will Smith) that he planned to retire. After the party, Mike was shot and killed by an assassin named Armando, who recently planned the escape of his mother Isabel Aretas to Mexico. After recovering, Mike thought Marcus would hunt down the person he tried to kill, but to his surprise, the killer’s attempt helped Marcus believe that his decision to resign was the correct decision that triggered the battle between the two,

which triggered both Dispute. . Later, Mike followed in the footsteps of the murderer and launched an investigation alone. On the other hand, the son of boss Cartel, Armando, is obsessed with killing everyone who participated in the arrest and killing of his father, including Mike.

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The film introduces the audience to candidates for the next generation of villains, including Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig and Charles Melton. We also enjoyed the past. Even before the release of the first album Bad Boys in 1995, our partners with Markus came to visit and Bad Boys For Life prepared for your last journey.

This was when they handed over the battalion to the next generation of police (Saboteur Alert, they didn’t). It’s a joke about the age of these two men and how big the gap between the old and new police is. Although Mike is unwilling to accept this, Marcus has already left. The entire running time will never be out of date, although it may be repeated sometimes, and it also looks interesting.

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Time is the key. Since 1995, Will and Martin have developed chemical bonds. Because young actors cannot follow their charms on the screen, it suffers a little bit. However, this contrast makes the scene with the main character even more exciting. This story is predictable, some scenes and dialogues will surprise you, and the characters have a surprisingly full emotional arc. Although it does not always appear in front of you, it gives the film a deeper meaning. And a satisfying ending.

Boys For Life strives to maintain the context and taste of the audience while balancing cultural customs. The soundtrack complements the action sequence well, as does the comic relief after or during the action scene. Interestingly, Mike and Marcus are driving home in the car that had just been hit by the body. Overall, I really miss Will Smith and “Bad Boys for Life” is exactly what I need. He is a summer painter in the middle of winter.



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