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Dolittle 2020 Movie Review

Dolittle 2020

Story: The film tells the story of John Doolittle, a famous doctor and veterinarian from Victorian England, who hid on the wall of a mansion after his wife died. In order to save the land on which animal companions depend, you must save the dying queen. For this, he must …

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Bad Boys For Life Movie Review

Bad Boys For Life

Story: Together with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, the bad boy franchise returns after 17 years. The film tells about two police friends who have adapted to their age, they realize that with the help of the next generation, they can still do anything. … Review: Since the release of Bad …

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Jojo Rabbit 2019 Movie Review

Jojo Rabbit

Story:  Jojo Bunny is written and directed by Taika Waititi and is based on “Caged Heaven” by Christine Loynens. The film tells the life of Jojo Betzler, a Nazi fanatic, when he discovered that his mother had hidden a Jewish girl in the attic.   “Jojo the Rabbit” was shot from …

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Miss Americana Documentary 2020 Review

Miss Americana Documentary

Story:  Country/pop singer/songwriter Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) reveals the inner details of her love life behind the scenes through live images on the backstage and on stage. Taylor shared how she lost her image as a good girl and broke the rules of the industry.   Review:  Ina Netflix documentary, …

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Little Women 2019 Movie Review

Little Women 2019

Story: Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women” is an excerpt from the first book in the “Little Women” series by Louise May Alcotts. The March Sisters will sincerely talk about love, life, dreams and expectations without having to apologize.   Review:  Greta Gerwig in “Little Women” is the icing on the cake for …

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We Can Be Heroes 2020 Movie Review

We Can Be Heroes 2020

Story: Thischildren’s film about superheroes isanother sequel to the 2005 film”The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl”.The film tells a group of super kids who must step in to save the world after their parents are kidnapped by aliens..     “We Can Be Heroes” is a film specially made for …

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Bloodshot Movie Review: Vin Diesel


Story: The military Ray Garrison wakes up surrounded by scientists like a biotech killing machine: Bloodshot. Ray is used by his doctors to carry out their unauthorized murders, but the story takes a turn when he discovers the truth about his past life.   Review:  Bloodshot, at the start look, comes off a …

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Zack Snyder’s Justice League Movie Review:

zack snyder's justice

Story: Bruce Wayne set out to form a League of Legends to defend theplanet afterSuperman’sdeath. Batman and “Wonder Woman” (Wonder Woman) assembled a superhuman team to fightthe newly awakened enemy.     Review: Zach Snyder’s view of the Justice League is more focused on the role and origin of the …

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Retaliation 2017 Movie Review

Story:  The story tells the story of Malky, who was struggling with sexual abuse by a priest at the age of 12. One day, he wanted to burn down the church where violence occurred. Malky had to decide whether to take revenge or move on. Review: As the title implies, …

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