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Dolittle 2020 Movie Review

Story: The film tells the story of John Doolittle, a famous doctor and veterinarian from Victorian England, who hid on the wall of a mansion after his wife died. In order to save the land on which animal companions depend, you must save the dying queen. For this, he must embark on a dangerous journey to an unknown country.



Review: “Dolittle” directed by Robert Downey Jr. is an American fantasy adventure film aimed at young audiences, adapted from the protagonist of the “Doctor Dolittle” series. John Doolittle’s special gift is to talk to animals. In the movie, we saw how he lived and worked with them. Form a team of doctors with them and cooperate with them.

In addition to the doctor, Dolittle is also an adventurer, ready to embark on a journey to find the hidden tree of Eden, which bears the fruit of life and can heal anyone. But he decided to obey his wife’s words and take care of the animals. However, she never came back and is believed to have died. Seven years later, John lived as a hermit of wild animals, and the whole world thought the man was crazy.

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In order to save the queen’s life, John must now, like his wife, leave the Dolittle mansion and go to the Tree of Eden. Downey seems to be the perfect person to play some strange characters, but together with the doctor, you can see the arrogant Iron Man and detective Sherlock Holmes. The rest of the staff is composed of animals, and there are many voice actors such as Rami Malek, Tom Holland, Selena Gomez, etc.

We also have two other actors: Harry Collette played by Tommy Stubbins, self-apprentice of Dolittle, Carmel Laniado ) Is Lady Rose, and Antonio Banderas is the pirate king Rassouli. The stupid plot drives the characters crazy when and where they need it. Dolittle shifted to the rhythm of the children’s attention, and there was nothing for adults to accompany her in the movie. The first 20 minutes of the film evoke some moments of awe and comedy, even though adult audiences were attracted to the theater, it quickly returned to the explorer Dora.

There are no levels in the story. Almost all characters, including animal reliefs, are one-dimensional. As time passed, there were several comedy attempts, but kept up with the jokes. Dolittle did his best to teach the children, it was sacred, but at the same time he told them that everything would happen on its own and the adults would take care of them. When the doctor and his team performed the colonoscopy, he taught and gave and accepted negotiations without consequences.

This, in turn, brought them the fruit of the Garden of Eden, without worrying that when the word spreads, they will look forward to the tree even more. From a technical point of view, despite all kinds of bacteria, we can’t see anything extraordinary. The delay of the film also left a deep impression. Sometimes it is obvious that Robert said some different voices in this scene, but the voice was saying a completely different voice with a strange accent. Children are unlikely to notice this, but advertising may be difficult to deal with.


Almost everything in this movie can be forgotten because there are no details to remember, but the restart is comforting because it is now in the Victorian era and then represents the modern city Eddie Murphy, And to provide you with more options for exploration. Take a look, sprinkle a grain of salt, and remember that Iron Man is dead.



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