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Jojo Rabbit 2019 Movie Review

Story:  Jojo Bunny is written and directed by Taika Waititi and is based on “Caged Heaven” by Christine Loynens. The film tells the life of Jojo Betzler, a Nazi fanatic, when he discovered that his mother had hidden a Jewish girl in the attic.


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“Jojo the Rabbit” was shot from the perspective of a private guardian who wants to join Adolf Hitler, and of course the child of his best friend. However, for now, Adolf is at least his imaginary friend. Adolf’s version appeared in a 10-year-old boy.

Johannes, whose name was Jojo, lived with his mother in Nazi Germany before the end of World War II. The Italian front line lost contact and his sister died of the flu. Jojo wishes his leader Adolf all the best and regards every word of his people as the ultimate truth. We first saw Jojo preparing for their Nazi training camp. Teach that Jews are parasites and must be eliminated.

As the camp grew, he realized that he could not choose to kill. Following Hitler means fame to him, but he doesn’t know how much it will cost. On the way home, Jojo learned something about Jews outside the refugee camp. The mother of the little girl Elsa Korr hides in the attic. If he thinks of condemnation, it seems more appropriate to counter-offer to study the Jews and save his life. The rest of the time, we follow Jojo to come up with ideas. His spirit is to follow other Nazis or to know the truth for himself.

The movie ” Jojo Rabbit, pays more attention to the aftermath of the war than the war itself. The adults in the movie realize that they have ended the war, so so too. You can see that they gave up their loyalty, but concealed themselves in order to survive. The protagonist Hitler (Heil Hitler) repeats his views in several scenes, and each time they repeat, their beliefs disappear a little. This battle is based on information or lack of information, the effect of which can be seen in the film.False information and misunderstandings about what type of Jews are rampant, and the stereotype is that Jews are parasites, but Jojo understood the truth when he started talking with Elsa.

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From the beginning to the end of the movie, the fictional version of Adolph Jojos has undergone fundamental changes. When he was a good friend at first, as Jojo’s view of him changed, he became a dictator. This also illustrates how information wars are won and lost. Since Jojo has increased his confidence from the beginning, we watched him become a monster who can enjoy unicorns alone! Adolf showed his hateful qualities. Whitety also paid tribute to the same-sex couples in the film, treating women like childbirth machines, and confidently telling most people how easy they are to be deceived. The types of people depicted in the movie and their different ideologies. They make their own decisions and decide their own destiny without remorse.

From Jojo to his best friend Yorkie, the performance of these films is incredible. Still very happy to see. Scarlett Johansson (Scarlett Johansson) as Rosie (Rosie (Jojos’ mother)) is an anti-Nazi.She is not the only adult we really know, but in some scenes where we are with her, her pain and loss are deeply felt by her. As an army officer, Sam Rockwell connects you. Right or wrong have the courage to do the right courage.


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Comedy and drama go hand in hand in the cinema. Most of the time, laughter will cause sarcasm. The script written by Waititi is short and simple, with no overlapping emotions. We see and hear exactly what the Creator expects of us. Jojo Rabbit is not beaten due to genocide and suffering. This reminds us young people today that we can determine the future of the next generation.

Will we be your Adolf or Rosie, they will support you and give you the opportunity to choose? Taika Waititi, director of Jojo Bunny, will convince you that we still have hope. But the film also tells you directly that the possibility of this happening is very small. what are you waiting for? It is recommended to go to Jojo Rabbit to watch a laugh and a lesson.


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