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Little Women 2019 Movie Review

Story: Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women” is an excerpt from the first book in the “Little Women” series by Louise May Alcotts. The March Sisters will sincerely talk about love, life, dreams and expectations without having to apologize.

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Review:  Greta Gerwig in “Little Women” is the icing on the cake for all women, their personalities and their various journeys, without defending their thoughts and feelings. The March Sisters will take responsibility for their lives and experience the consequences Meg, Joe, Amy, and Beth have experienced. As sisters and friends with each other. Meg, played by Emma Watson, is loyal, loving, and a force that cannot be understated, but she also likes to be attracted by beautiful clothes and beautiful accessories.

Ronan chose love and life when he was young. She also believed in herself strong and generously, knowing she didn’t need anyone else. Amy (Amy), played by Florence Pugh, is a brave and carefree artist who is sometimes even braver than her sisters. As Amy said, the youngest person in Beth, played by Eliza Scanlen, is also the best. Beth is a friendly and promising musician.

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Joe said: “I’m tired of people thinking women can have sex. It reminds me the same thing very clearly.” But a few seconds later, she fainted and said that she just wanted to be loved because she was lonely. , The audience needs to take them honestly.

Unfortunately, little lady Joe, you don’t have that privilege. Just like the sisters of March, she married the love found in the next man, but we can choose the ending of the sisters of March: Joe inherited the house of Aunt March, and she decided to open a school for boys and girls. Meg later taught acting, and Amy taught elementary school art. Joe March is the writer of “Little Women”, and she wants to get what she wants to remember from the world.

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In addition to the actors, the costume design and color palette are also great. In Laurie’s role, not only the main role, but Timothy Chalamet is also suitable for the role of the young master, and ultimately the master. Every character in the movie leads a difficult life. Greta did a beautiful portrayal of him without sacrificing too much. This movie was shot during the war, and it also touches on the really important things: “Life is too short to be angry with your sister,” Georgrit said at the opening.


This movie assumes that everyone knows the March sisters well. So go to the movies, but as the plot develops, you will know it better than ever. Usually, in the cold winter morning, it is recommended that young women have a cup of coffee. Instead of reading a book this time, you can watch a movie.


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