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Retaliation 2017 Movie Review

Story:  The story tells the story of Malky, who was struggling with sexual abuse by a priest at the age of 12. One day, he wanted to burn down the church where violence occurred. Malky had to decide whether to take revenge or move on.

orlando bloom,

Review: As the title implies, revenge begins with suppressed fear and anger, not against the world. Malky tried to teach the audience to keep going, instead of letting the abuser control his thoughts. Directed by Ludwig Shammasyan and Paul Shammasyan. The movie begins with the old church that both Marchi (Orlando Bloom) and best friend Joe (Alex Ferns) should demolish. More than twenty years ago. He vented his anger with a hammer, but this was not enough to hide his inner his. To no avail, his mother (Anne Reed) was angry with him for demolishing her beloved church. Ashamed of Markis’ criminal record, he often worried that the police would arrive at her door and tell her something was wrong with him.

Malki seems to have been hurt because he cannot forgive, but gradually, we gradually realize that he has more. Although he does not have a stable relationship with his girlfriend, he is absolutely reliable, and after seeing the abuser for the first time in more than two decades, Marki loses his temper and begins a vicious circle of self-hatred and accusations. his. Orlando Bloom bravely took over and gave up the position.

Despite the rewrite of the script, the Blooms game still allows you to keep in touch on the screen. The creator will not explore hidden subtle issues to include the possible religious influence of the story. On the other hand, only the images of other characters are left to the audience. Finally, you only support Bloom, not their relationship with their girlfriends or mothers. They were waiting for him to choose between revenge and redemption.

In general, we hope that this film that has been neglected for three years will gain some recognition. This movie is not for ordinary Orlando Bloom fans, but it may attract other fans.



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